16. June 2023
Ladies and gentlemen, here's my AFTER SUMMER SERIES playlist!
07. June 2023
Pool Galore
Dear people! It's almost Summer again. "Pool Galore" is the third and final part of my AFTER SUMMER SERIES, inspired by the Summer of '22. To celebrate this episode I have created a video. Enjoy!!!
14. March 2023
Summer Attitude
“Summer Attitude" is the second part of the AFTER SUMMER SERIES, inspired by the Summer of '22. Enjoy!
07. December 2022
Flowers in the Night
“Flowers in the Night" is the first soundscape in the AFTER SUMMER SERIES, inspired by the Summer of '22. And it's also the first Tropical Dutch composition including voice. Enjoy!
29. August 2022
Acting workshops Paris
I just came back from a camera acting workshop in Paris, it has been everything I hoped for and beyond my expectations. You know that feeling, when you're in the right experience at the right moment? UH! :D I've discovered some lighter, deeper, and stronger colours and it was very fulfilling to play with all of this.
08. April 2022
We are Europe
I'm so glad my article for We are Europe came out last month: a deep dive into our post-Covid music industry. I already wrote it during the Summer of '21, not expecting that the pandemic would still continue after that... I'm curious what the music is going to bring this Summer! How and where do you prefer to experience music?
04. March 2022
Tropical Dutch Music
I have made these tracks for free in order to build my catalog, so go ahead and listen. If you want to help me with the algorithm please "Like" & "Follow", thank you! It is all coming together.
08. January 2021
O2 Vitality Online
When I was 19, I moved away to start studying in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague but actually... I moved to the sea. Since I was all by myself and didn't know anybody in the region, I had to take care of myself somehow. So the idea that, no matter what would happen, I could always paddle out into the waves and surf all my troubles away was my only comfort. Creative endeavours and the industry around it can be challenging for the mind, or even overwhelming. I don't know how many times I was...
21. August 2020
After months of online training and coaching I can finally say that I'm a happy streamer. Starting out during the beginning of the quarantine, a big range of possibilities was laying in front of me to explore. As much as I wasn't into technology before, I'm now very happy that we can use this to our advantage since we all have to keep the social distance in our world. It IS possible to connect this way and as long as this is the safest option I'm all up for it. And I'm proud of my participants...
13. December 2019
Trainers have to be trained, too! During the last months I have been attending several workshops about the Laban Bartenieff Movement System, with some additional coaching by Marieke Delannoy. The lessons have given me refreshing new insights. About how to make phrases of movement in a fluent and precise way, and get the moves aligned with music. I have got a lot of inspiration for a new training, coming up soon :)

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