04. March 2022
Tropical Dutch Music
I have made these tracks for free in order to build my catalog, so go ahead and listen. If you want to help me with the algorithm please "Like" & "Follow", thank you! It is all coming together.
08. January 2021
O2 Vitality Online
When I was 19, I moved away to start studying in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague but actually... I moved to the sea. Since I was all by myself and didn't know anybody in the region, I had to take care of myself somehow. So the idea that, no matter what would happen, I could always paddle out into the waves and surf all my troubles away was my only comfort. Creative endeavours and the industry around it can be challenging for the mind, or even overwhelming. I don't know how many times I was...
21. August 2020
After months of online training and coaching I can finally say that I'm a happy streamer. Starting out during the beginning of the quarantine, a big range of possibilities was laying in front of me to explore. As much as I wasn't into technology before, I'm now very happy that we can use this to our advantage since we all have to keep the social distance in our world. It IS possible to connect this way and as long as this is the safest option I'm all up for it. And I'm proud of my participants...
13. December 2019
Trainers have to be trained, too! During the last months I have been attending several workshops about the Laban Bartenieff Movement System, with some additional coaching by Marieke Delannoy. The lessons have given me refreshing new insights. About how to make phrases of movement in a fluent and precise way, and get the moves aligned with music. I have got a lot of inspiration for a new training, coming up soon :)
30. September 2019
Our former Fit & Move gym has been upgraded, welcome in Reuvers. Here I'm giving my own functional training, called Flow. For less backpain, a stronger core, better posture, greater balance, and more freedom to move! Join us on: Mondays 18:30 - Wednesdays 18:45 - Thursdays 09:00.
16. September 2019
On Saturday September 28th we gave a concert in Derlon Maastricht. Here are some images, captured on that day! Like to book a Pitstop lounge concert now? Call: +316 19 53 82 32!
03. July 2019
This Summer I teach "Mindmove" classes in the Fit & Move grouplesson room on every Tuesday at 19:00 o'clock. The lessons contain a mix of pilates and yoga, they are dynamic but in a mindful way so you can focus on your technique. More flexibility, coordination, and strength will be the result, combined with a big smile on your face..
28. June 2019
Have you listened to our medley yet..? Check this link! I'm excited to announce that we have started a lounge band, consisting of vocals (me), keys, bass and drums.
12. April 2019
It has been a while since my last update on this website but lots of things have happened in the meantime. Last Winter was filled with music and one of the things I've been busy with is writing songs for Lemon with my partner Max Hilpert. It has been my first experience with composing which was really great!!! It felt so luxurious to invent my own melodies, puzzle with chords together and then see how one note on the musicsheet can make all the difference. Currently I'm looking for a choir to...
21. October 2018
Check out the teaser of our performance about social sustainability (previous working title: "E N E R G Y"), recommended to watch full screen on YouTube with 1080p quality. Want to know more about this project? Click here!

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