PHRASE/ pilot training 2

Friday, March 6, 2020

19:00 - 20:00 o'clock

St. Maartenspoort 2, Maastricht

This year has started SUPERFRESH with the new PHRASE/ pilot training and now we're ready for the next one! 


WHAT IS PHRASE? A groupfitness-training organised by me, for people of all ages who want to experience more health & WELLNESS in their lives.


Together we do several exercises, and make a new series of FUNCTIONAL moves to develop flexibility, strength, core-stability, coordination ànd good posture.


Without extra equipment, powered by our own bodies, on the floor, in an empty space, with a mirrorwall... and a PIANO!


So expect a big dose of good music to train with & to enjoy, LIVE performed by pianist Mathias Brede! :)


PHRASE is a training and a concert in 1, check it out and JOIN us!!! The places in the room are limited, so please register below.




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