LEAN in quarantine

My new online fitness program!

Photo: Galucci agency

We're all locked up in our rooms: so now what do we do?!

First we try to deal with this shocking situation – I too lost most of my work overnight. Next thing: we get up and show some resillience.

How about, we stay mentally fit by putting our bodies in motion for one delightful half hour per day?
I put together a fun series of medium intensity "stay-at-home workouts", though you can take them to the park if you feel like it.

I will:

  • arm you with all the immunity boosters I know
  • challenge you with some pilates classics for the stinging core work
  • straighten you out from tip to toe with some yoga flows
  • put in some nice exercises I recently borrowed from dance workouts
  • get those serotonins in your body going again

And if you make it to the very end of the video, you might even catch me dancing like nobody's watching :)

No equipment needed. All exercises are safe to perform at home.

In a time we're all adapting to new routines anyway, this is one that will make you feel good.

And it might just stick with you when the crisis is over! You can get back to these exercises forever...

SO WHAT'S THE DEAL? For €15 a week you can stream all of my classes, for you to play and repeat whenever you are looking for an energetic boost!

Or, join us during the live-stream classes on every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 18:00 pm (CET). Also possible: a custom training video, made to reach your personal goals.

Sign up below to make your choice. We'll have a short line of

communication so if you have questions, we will figure it out!

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