When I was 19, I moved away to start studying in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague but actually... I moved to the sea. Since I was all by myself and didn't know anybody in the region, I had to take care of myself somehow. So the idea that, no matter what would happen, I could always paddle out into the waves and surf all my troubles away was my only comfort.


Creative endeavours and the industry around it can be challenging for the mind, or even overwhelming. I don't know how many times I was in need for a 'reset' and found myself in the water, playing, recovering and leaving everything behind me on the shore. And when I additionally moved to Amsterdam to complete my Bachelor and Master studies, it didn't take long before I started looking deeper into fitness and wellness.


Fast forward to 2021: after lots of jobs, workshops, internships and sidestudies, I have finally started up O2 Vitality Online. Are you a creative independent? Then join us today to keep fit, strong and creative together!

Check this page for more information and sign up here.

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