After months of online training and coaching I can finally say that I'm a happy streamer. Starting out during the beginning of the quarantine, a big range of possibilities was laying in front of me to explore. As much as I wasn't into technology before, I'm now very happy that we can use this to our advantage since we all have to keep the social distance in our world. It IS possible to connect this way and as long as this is the safest option I'm all up for it. And I'm proud of my participants who have been showing up every week to take a moment for themselves.
All in all, I've learned so much during the last months and I can't wait to share it with everyone. I have found new techniques for my trainings that I'm super excited about and I also have received some feedback and invitations along the way. It has made clear to me that I want to go into a more specific direction, even though a lot of ingredients are already there. We will keep in touch, just follow my social media and I will direct you from there. Thank you and make sure to connect again soon!

Vitality Classes by Lien Pisters

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