Singing by Lien Pisters

Still with my head in the clouds after our last trip to Greece... From 9 untill 19th of June my colleague Hee-Seung Choi and I were in Heraklion, on Crete. A town located next to the beach, also known as the city of Hercules and the birthplace of athletics! Spending only ten days here as an artist in 'ResidenceSEA' wasn't much, but I have had so many brilliant impressions to bring home.

My main goal was doing research on the chorus of the Greek Theatre, seeing a real Greek choir in rehearsal, and writing my own lyrics for the E N E R G Y project. Then it was so mindblowing to visit the remains of the Knossos palace, where the residents of Minoan Crete introduced writing to our continent ànd European civilisation started once!!!
Also I've had the most honest and open talks with people about the topic of my project, 'burnout', and everything that's related to it like work, relaxation, rhythem, and time. This was super special to me and I appreciate the input incredibly much! Next I'm so thankful that I was having the opportunity to meet local musicians, to have jamsessions, and to present my song with them at the end of the week..!
Finally it was of course terrific to catch up with my friend and fellow resident Hee-Seung, (who does NOT want to be on photo... ) She gave me a pilates workshop, we discussed our processes along the days, and I took part in her performance. Being on Crete was truly a mythical experience, thanks a million to everybody involved! Michela Pelusio, Andreas Macropulos, Roberta Bellante, Vasilis Flouris, Antje Larsen & everyone else.


For more information about E N E R G Y, go to this page!

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