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28. June 2019
Have you listened to our medley yet..? Check this link! I'm excited to announce that we have started a lounge band, consisting of vocals (me), keys, bass and drums.
21. October 2018
Check out the teaser of our performance about social sustainability (previous working title: "E N E R G Y"), recommended to watch full screen on YouTube with 1080p quality. Want to know more about this project? Click here!
03. October 2018
The promotionfilms by New Narrative Media for ASP Adventure came out, check the videos below... In the first one I'm having the lead, it was so stunning to bike around in this huge underground scenery! In the second one I'm a supporting actor for my colleague, hanging on the wall :-) Below the videos you'll find some behind-the-scenes pictures as well. For more info about performances on assignment, go to this page!