Lieneke started to instruct on the beach as a surfcoach in 2007. After that she became a bootcamp- and fitnessinstructor in Amsterdam, now she is based in Maastricht.


Here she has specialised in core-stability training: a bodyweight training in which coordination, agility and strength are getting improved.


The 'core' means literally the centre of the body, it serves as an armour for your vital organs and creates stability to make any additional movements properly. So in order to move fluently, the core needs to be trained regularly.

This training offers a solid physical and mental basis for everybody who wants to feel more vital! It's even more interesting for athletes, musicians and other performers to improve their performance.

Lieneke teaches on a freelance basis in the Fit & Move gym, situated in the citycentre of Maastricht.

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Photo: Nan Reunis


 "After years of challenging and diverse workouts with Lien, I will never forget: it all starts with core stability!"


- Robby Koreman