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lien will:

  • Arm you with immunity boosters
  • Straighten you out from tip to toe with some yoga flows
  • Practice some breathing exercises with you in order to reconnect with yourself
  • Challenge you with some pilates classics for the stinging core work
  • Put in some nice Feldenkrais exercises to improve coordination
  • Get those serotonins in your body going again

hey you fabulous creative people

With O2 Vitality Online, Lien combines her work as a health professional with her big passion for the arts. As a trainer, coach and mentor she has over 10 years of experience and hundreds of people have been trained by her.


PURPOSE: to reorganize imbalances, release energy and oxygenate the mind, so participants can be more creative more often.

Lien is building a platform for her attendants to exchange experiences and socialize.


Her trainings are built on a solid foundation of traditional evidence-based fitness, getting mixed with inspiration from practices such as Yoga and Pilates, Feldenkrais, and more. She keeps on expanding her knowledge as much as possible.


Lien is educated by the Dutch Fitness Department (NL Actief) up to FitNed Level 4, conceded by the Ministry of Health, Wellness & Sports. These certificates are also validaded by Europe Active.

Are you a creative independent? Join us today to keep fit, strong and creative together!

so, what's in store?

Streaming a live training

On every Monday and Wednesday from 6 - 6:30 pm CET, we adventurously conquer the waves of the internet to spend a fit moment together. A perfect chance to create structure and consistency in your practice. You will be surprised how deeply you can train your senses by concentrated moving, watching and listening.


Streaming on-demand
If you want to train RIGHT NOW, YouTube is your go-to channel. Here you can follow along the homemade trainingvideos anytime and anywhere you want, with new videos brought to you every week. Triggered by challenges ánd your fellow training mates in the Facebookgroup, you will stay motivated to keep going.


Streaming a personal training

This is the most calculated choice for people who have a specific question. For example, are you a singer finding yourself in a poor posture that you want to get aligned? Maybe your endeavour requires certain movement that either needs to be strengthened or compensated? Or are you limited in your movement and need to be extra careful? Very often it's not a matter of practicing harder but practicing SMARTER! It's going to be very interesting.

More about training

With O2 VITALITY ONLINE you will improve your coordination, flexibility and strength.

Our training improves alignment, immune-system and mental relaxation.

We will work on our own bodyweight, from tip to toe! Your body will lengthen and tone without it getting bulky.

  • Medium - intensity
  • Easy to execute to stay injury free
  • No equipment needed (only a mat)
  • Preventing diseases
  • Generating a good circulation of the bloodflow
  • Optimized to boost your immune-system
  • Optimized for creative independents
  • Developed for long term results

More about Lien

" Tune in. Stay fluid. Fire it all up ."