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 "After years of challenging and diverse trainings with Lien, I will never forget: it all starts with core stability!"


- Robby Koreman




so, what's in store?

Option 1: Streaming a live training !

On every Monday and Wednesday from 6 - 6:30 pm CET, we adventurously conquer the waves of the internet to spend a fit moment together. A perfect chance to create structure and consistency in your practice. You can share your special requests in advance of every training. And at the end of it, we boogie. Just... because!!


Option 2: Streaming on-demand !
If you want to train RIGHT NOW, this is your go-to channel. Here you can follow along the homemade trainingvideos anytime and anywhere you want, with new videos brought to you every week. Triggered by challenges ánd your fellow groupmates in the Facebookgroup, you will stay motivated to keep on moving.


Option 3: Streaming a custom training video !

This is the most calculated choice for people who have a specific question. For example, if you have some limitations in the way that you move and want to be extra careful. Or if you are already a bit experienced and want to reach the next level. Very often it's not a matter of training harder but training SMARTER! I can tell you, it's going to be very interesting.

More about the trainings

With LEAN IN QUARANTINE you will improve your strength, flexibility and coordination.

The training enhances posture, immune-system and mental relaxation.

We will work on our own bodyweight, from tip to toe! Your body will lengthen and tone without it getting bulky.



  • Medium - intensity
  • Easy to execute to stay injury free
  • No equipment needed (only a mat)
  • Preventing diseases
  • Generating a good circulation of the bloodflow
  • Optimized to boost your immune-system
  • Optimized for 40+
  • Developed for long term results

More about Lieneke  ("Lien")

In her trainings, Lieneke combines 10 years of fitness experience with her passion for music and acting. Hundreds of people have been trained by her. From The Hague where she started out instructing, to working as a trainer in Amsterdam, and in Maastricht where she's currently based.


Since 2012 she is specialised in core-stability training and has dedicated herself to creating as much liberty through movement as possible ("range of motion"). She wants to contribute to selfcare and creativity, developing LEAN IN QUARANTINE is her way to do this on a larger scale.


Lieneke is educated by the Dutch Fitness Department (NL Actief) up to FitNed Level 4, conceded by the Ministery of Health Wellness & Sports. These certificates are also validaded by Europe Active. She is constantly updating her education with extra lessons and workshops.