Teaser film by Vasilis Flouris (watch in full screen on YouTube , 1080p quality recommended)

Lieneke is currently working on songs for "Lemon - A modern tragedy" (release: to be announced). As she is now writing "Prologue" and "Parodos", take a look HERE for some behind the scene impressions of her artist in residence on Crete!


Teaser film by Niek van Zon (watch in full screen on YouTube , 1080p quality recommended)

Cantaloupe is about a business woman, a bird, a government leader, a tree, and an idealist. In first instance, the characters all seem to be living isolated from each other. Ultimately their connection turns out to be delicate, but essential. An interdisciplinary performance exuding physical acting, music, design, treating all of the senses.


Concept / producing / directing / acting: Lieneke Pisters

Design: Juul Dekker

Text: Rinske Bouwman

Music: John van Oostrum

Filming: Niek van Zon

Media support: Roos Verhooren

Acting: Olinda Larralde Ortiz, Esther Gouarné, Wilhelm Blomberg, Michael de Roos, Juan Carlos Tajes, Lizelotte van Dijk, Jörgen Scholtens, Nick Eremenko


Try-out: June 16, 2012 - Nuit Blanche Festival Amsterdam

Première: June 26, 2013 - Veenfabriek Scheltema Leiden