It started with a performance called "E N E R G Y" (working title) in Club Sportive, the gym in Amsterdam where Lieneke used to work. An in-company project about burnout for her masters at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, initially. The E N E R G Y project has been developing through many stages ever since.


Supported by Via Zuid and Intro in Situ Maastricht Lieneke was offered the chance to dive deeper into the material of the choreography and musical composition, based on kickboxing techniques. Also she started to collaborate with director Hendrik Aerts (Club Guy & Roni) and drummer Max Hilpert (Intro in Situ).


After their residency in a stunning old castle and many rehearsals that followed, they presented a number of work in progress performances throughout the country with a new choreography and musical composition.

Film by Vasilis Flouris (watch in full screen on YouTube , 1080p quality recommended)

Work in progress performance in Intro in Situ (watch in full screen on YouTube) 


Another dimension was added to the project when Lieneke started to take extra vocal lessons by Roderik Povel, teacher at the jazzdepartment of the Conservatory in Maastricht. These experiences lead to an artist in residence on Crete (GR), where Lieneke researched the choir of the ancient Greek Theatre to integrate this element in her performance. Also, she worked on a script.

As the performance about burnout used to be contentual focussed on the exploitation of energy, now the constructive side of using one's energy was getting more attention. At the end of her "ResidenceSEA",  in the building situated right on the shore of the beautiful island, Lieneke finished off her stay presenting her "Balance Song" in collaboration with local musicians.

The next year she returned to the island to meet again with some of the artists she got to know during her first trip. In the meantime she had been collaborating with composer Benjamin Schneider and choreographer Revé Terborg. Loaded, again, with a refreshed choreography and musical composition she started a collaboration with Cretan filmmaker Vasilis Flouris. Together they created a teaserfilm for the project.

After all the pre-work and research, 'social sustainability' has become the prevalent topic of the project. Currently Lieneke is looking for a choir in Maastricht, the city in the South of The Netherlands where she is based after leaving her former home and workplace in Amsterdam. Stay up to date by following the news here.