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creative PROJECTS

Producer/ Writer/ Singer/ Actor

2020 - present "Lemon - A modern Tragedy"

  • Creating and recording original music for interdisciplinary art project.
  • Raising grant money.


2021  We Are Europe

  • Article "A Fruitful Future for Musicians”.
  • Online platform for modern arts and culture in Europe.

Performer/ Singer

2019 - 2020 Pitstop Lounge band

  • Performing in Derlon, Maastricht.
  • Rehearsing and recording cover songs,

Producer/ Creator/ Performer

2017 - 2018 Artist in residence at ResidenceSEA in Heraklion, Crete (GR)

  • Researching the choir of the ancient Greek Theatre for developing a music album.
  • Producing and performing a work in progress presentation in the ResidenceSEA: an improvised song in collaboration with local musicians.
  • Producing, creating and performing a teaserfilm in collaboration with artists from Maastricht and Crete.

Producer/ Performer

2016 - 2017  Talentcourse, developing musictheatre project "E N E R G Y" powered by Via Zuid and Intro in Situ, Maastricht

  • Four works in progress, presenting a performance with a choreography and a musical composition based on kickboxing techniques.
  • In collaboration with director Hendrik Aerts and drummer Maximilian Hilpert.
  • Performed in Salon de Heerlijkheid at Kasteel Baexem, Juan C. Tajes Art Studio in Amsterdam, Oproer Festival in Roermond, Jonge Honden at Intro in Situ Maastricht.

Producer/ Director/ Performer

2012 - 2012  Creating musictheatre project "Cantaloupe" under the wings of musictheatre company De Veenfabriek', Leiden

  • A performance with music, choreography, design and text based on the theme 'environmental sustainability', coached by director Paul Koek.
  • In collaboration with John van Oostrum (composition), Juul Dekker (scenography),  Rinske Bouwman (texts), Michael de Roos (performance), Juan Carlos Tajes (performance), Esther Gouarné (performance), Jörgen Scholtens (performance) and Nick Eremenko (performance).
  • Try-out: June 16, 2012 - Nuit Blanche Festival Amsterdam
  • Première: June 26, 2013 - Veenfabriek Scheltema Leiden



2022- 2022 Gorillas

Acting as “Tour de France fan” team Jumbo-Visma in social video.




2021- 2021  De Verraders IDTV

Acting as  "ghost”, broadcasted on RTL4.




2021- 2021  Trixie Gallery The Hague

  • Acting as  "Saleswoman selling Zealot Xknight sculptures”, part of artwork.


2020- 2020 advertisement by T38 Media, Maastricht

  • supporting actor in an infomercial for Kingsday in The Netherlands.


2019 - 2019 film "Ranah 3 Warna" by director Gunti Soeharjanto, produced by MNC Pictures & Mata Hari Media

  • supporting actor on location in Valkenburg, The Netherlands.
  • premiered in 2020, Indonesia.


2018 - 2018 promotionfilm produced by T38 Media, Maastricht

  • Promoting adventurous outdoor events for ASP Adventure on unique locations around Valkenburg.


2018 – 2018 musicvideo by Stasj, Amsterdam

  • Performing in a choreography by Revé Terborg for popsong “Soft Forces” by Stefanie Janssen.

Performer/ Creator

2016 – 2016 milktasting by De Melksalon, Amsterdam

  • Creating an actionpaint inspired on a number of raw milks, presented by milk-sommeliers from Amsterdam and surroundings.

Performer/ Creator

2014 – 2014 performance for dancecompany ICK, Amsterdam

  • A performance inspired on the film "E la Nave Va" by Féderico Fellini, presented during the clubnight "Club ICK" in Melkweg.

Performer/ Creator

2013 – 2013 casted by musictheatrecompany de Veenfabriek, Leiden

  • Performing in musictheatre play "Hyllos".
  • National tour.

Director-assistent/ Productionleader

2010 – 2011 working for productioncompany Frascati with director Joachim Robbrecht, Amsterdam

  • Responsible for props and costumes.
  • Responsible for the live subtitling during shows.
  • Hosting the actors on tour.
  • National and international tours.


  • 2015 - 2017 Fitnesstrainer B/ Personal Trainer (internationally conceded) Fit!Vak, Amsterdam.
  • 2012 -2014 Master, Modern Musictheatre (HBO) T.I.M.E. Royal Conservatory, The Hague.
  • 2012 - 2012 Fitnesstrainer A (internationally conceded) Fit!Vak, Haarlem.
  • 2006 - 2010 Bachelor, Theatre Science UvA (WO) University of Amsterdam.
  • 2003 - 2005 Preparatory instruction, Image and Sound (HBO) Royal Art Academy & Royal Conservatory, The Hague.
  • 1996 – 2002 Sophianum (VWO), Gulpen.
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Organizer/ Mentor/ Trainer/ Coach

2020 - present O2 Vitality Online

  • Organizing online vitality trainings specifically for creatives.
  • Creating live and on-demand streams.
  • Creating custom trainingvideos.
  • Personal training and coaching.

Teacher/ Trainer

2022  Buckminster College Bruges (BE)

  • Organizing online and offline movement classes.
  • Transitioning from physical relaxation exercises to acting out a personal story.
  • Playing with identity.
  • Grouplesson for teenagers aged 11 - 18.

Trainer/ Coach

2021  Framing the Normal | ARIA Institute Antwerp (BE)

  • Organizing online vitality training specifically for singers.
  • Combining elements of traditional fitness with practices such as Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Pilates.
  • Teaching grouplessons: indoor-fitness for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.

Trainer/ Coach

2021  World Voice day, New York Vocal Coaching (USA)

  • Organizing online vitality training specifically for singers.
  • Combining elements of traditional fitness with practices such as Feldenkrais, Yoga, and Pilates.
  • Teaching grouplessons: indoor-fitness for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.

Organizer/ Trainer/ Instructor


2020  PHRASE, Kumulus Maastricht

  • Organizing and hosting vitality training accompanied by a live pianist.
  • Teaching grouplessons: indoor-fitness for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.

Trainer/ Instructor/ Service employee

2017 - 2020 at Reuvers Maastricht

  • Developing and organizing new group training "Flow" for Queenax
  • Teaching a variety of grouplessons: indoor-fitness for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.
  • Making trainingschedules for clients.
  • Coaching recreational sportsmen.
  • Hosting.
  • Intake new clients.
  • Administration and cleaning.

Trainer/ Organizer

2015 - 2015 at Ozlines Surfschool, Wijk aan Zee & Trainer in the Park, Amsterdam

  • Responsible for the publicity, organisation and trainings.
  • Sport-specific trainings for wavesurfers.


2014 - 2015 at The Bootcamp Club, Amsterdam

  • Teaching grouplessons (bootcamp training) for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.


2013 - 2013 at Surfschool Ozlines Surf Europe, Wijk aan Zee

  • Teaching grouplessons (bootcamp training) for wavesurfers.

Trainer/ Instructor
2012 - 2013 at Club Sportive Zuidas, Amsterdam

  • Teaching grouplessons (indoor and outdoor bootcamp training) for recreational sportsmen aged 18+.
  • Making trainingschedules for the clients.
  • Coaching recreational sportsmen.
  • Hostess.
  • Intake new clients.

Surfteacher/ Lifeguard

2011 - 2013 at Surfschool Ozlines Europe, Wijk aan Zee

  • Teaching wavesurf classes for children and adults.

Surfteacher/ Lifeguard

2007 - 2010 at Surfschool Aloha, Scheveningen

  • Teaching wavesurf classes for children and adults.

Surfteacher/ Lifeguard/ Travelguide

2007 - 2007 at Breakloose Surfcamp, Mimizan-Plage (FR)

  • Teaching wavesurf classes for recreational surfers aged 15-35.
  • Hosting guests.


2004 - 2011 at Glope Events, Scheveningen 

  • Instructing recreational sportsmen aged 25-45 during beach-events.


  • 2022 Acting for the camera in English workshop by Cours Florent Paris.
  • 2021 Creative leadership workshops by Cre8tive Revolution.
  • 2020 Creative leadership workshops by Braenworks.
  • 2020 Sales workshops by Crowne Consultancy.
  • 2019 Workshop about the Laban Movement System by Marieke Delannoy (certified Laban Movement System Analyst).
  • 2018 Workshop about songwriting by Yung Nnelg (Artrocks competition).
  • 2018 Singer in “Four TET choir” by Roderik Povel (Zuyd Hogeschool).
  • 2018 Modelling-workshop by Galucci Agency.
  • 2018 Casting-workshop by director Ben Sombogaard.
  • 2018 Bandcoaching by Tim Daemen (Zuyd Hogeschool) in “Lighthouse Jazzcollective Band”.
  • 2017 Singing classes ‘jazz/ soul/ pop’ by Roderik Povel (Zuyd Hogeschool).
  • 2017 Visitor at rehearsals from musictheatre play “Die Fremden" by director Johan Simons at Ruhrtriënnale/ NTGent”.
  • 2016 Workshop about subsidies by The Artist and The Others.
  • 2016 Seminar about nutrition by Fit!Vak.
  • 2016 Workshop ‘camera acting’ by actor Korneel Evers.
  • 2016 Workshop ‘entrepeneurship’ by KvK Amsterdam.
  • 2015 Masterclass “Operadagen Rotterdam meets Münchener Biënnale”.
  • 2015 First aid.
  • 2015 Visiting rehearsals from musictheatre play “Ekzem Homo by Johan Simons at Münchener Kammerspiele”.
  • 2015 Bootcamptrainer, AALO .
  • 2013 Bootcamptrainer, Fysio Physics.
  • 2011 Lifeguard, Royal Life Saving Society.
  • 2007 Surfinstructor & Lifeguard Level 1, British Surfing Association.


  • 2008-2009 Usherette at Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.
  • 2005-2006 Usherette at Theater aan het Spui Den Haag.


  • 2011 - 2011 At theatrecollective De Warme Winkel during “Luitenantenduetten”.
  • 2007-2008 At theatrecompany Annette Speelt with Gerardjan Rijnders during “Malpensa”.